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CSS2 Replacement Filter Cartridge





We recommend that you clean your filter every week using your hose pipe and giving it a deep clean every 4 - 6 weks with a filter cleaning solution. 

  • Regular cleaning of your filter with prolong its life and a clean filter is essential for the smooth running of your hot tub as this keeps the water circulation very efficient.MeasurementsHeight 350mm
  • Width 120mm
  • Thread width 57mm

Product Benefits

  • Our spare filters are easy to fit and very simple to clean.
  • Clean your filter regularly to ensure free flowing clean water.

Compatible Models

K2, Logan, Augusta, Severn,  Dylan, Monmouth, Snowdon


  • 1, Remove filter cover
  • 2, Unscrew old filter and lift out
  • 3, Place new filter inside and screw to fit

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