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Bromine or Chlorine?

When you buy any hot tub, sanitation is an essential addition to keep the hot tub clean and clear of bacteria.

The 2 most common sanitizers are chlorine and bromine, each have their own advantages & disadvantages which we have listed below.

One detail they share is that they both excellent sanitizers for the hot tub so see the pros and cons for each below & make the choice on which is

best for you.


Bromine comes in a tablet form and is used with a floating dispenser which floats on the surface of the hot tub and slowly disperses bromine into the

hot tub. This enables the status of the bromine in the hot tub to be easily maintained by keeping the tablets topped up in the dispenser at all times.

Bromine is a softer option than chlorine and would be recommended if you or a  family member/friend have sensitive skin as chlorine can be harsher

on the skin and eyes.

Bromine tablets also have less of a odour as the strong scent of chlorine although chlorine scents only become strong in dirty water.

The main disadvantages of bromine is that is very slow to dissolve in comparison to chlorine and especially in hard water areas .

Also Bromine is also more expensive to buy in comparison to chlorine with a difference of cost from around 30% or more.


Chlorine is the most popular choice amongst hot tub and swimming pool users for sanitation.

It's very easy and fast to dissolve and so works quicker than bromine in all water types.

Chlorine is also cheaper to buy and gives the water a clearer and crisper look, water with bromine can look a little dull by comparison.

The downside of chlorine is the strong scent it give but this is usually as the water is not clean (e.g public swimming pools) and it is harsh on

sensitive skin types.

Unlike the dispenser which lets you monitor who much bromine is required, chlorine needs the use of testing strips and is more chemical based

analytics to test the levels to know if more granules need to be applied.


Bromine or Chlorine, the choice is yours.

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