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We will not only guarantee a quality product, we will also give you the best possible service & costs for delivery.

Prepare Your Surface

1. Prepare your Surface

We recommend a flat concrete base which is 10-15 cm deep, please remember the dry weight of an average hot tub design is 350 to 400 kilo and therefore after water, the weight will be near to 2 tonnes.

2. Prepare Your Electrical Supply

All our power specifications are available on the pdf brochure for each hot tub and most recommend a 32 amp feed to enjoy a pure and smooth performance of the spa with a 6mm armoured cable.

Prepare Your Electrical Supply
Prepare The Location Of Your Hot Tub Model

3. Prepare The Location Of Your Hot Tub Model

Location Location , location ! this is very important part of any process, hot tubs as mentioned above are very heavy when full and even empty, so please do not consider them to be like a sofa and can be moved every time you need a change, with the base and surrounding you will no doubt add over the course of time, please consider your new spa as a part of the house like a extension and therefore permanent.

If you are considering a gazebo or summer house for the hot tub , please deliver the hot tub first and then build the rest of the building after delivery to eliminate any potential access problems.

4. Privacy & Sunlight

Please ensure for you own privacy and enjoyment to place the hot tub to enjoy any natural gifts on offer from your garden location such as privacy, sunlight & shelter.

Privacy & Sunlight
Clear Access

5. Make Sure The Hot Tub Has Clear Access To Cabinets

When positioning the tub, please ensure that the hot tub has clear access if possible to all 4 sides of the hot tub so the cabinets can be accessed, if your design involves raised decking or a sunken look, please consider this access when designing and planning as it might not be important in the early stages but it could be needed in future years. ( think worst case scenario).


6. Choose The Right Chemicals

Even though our hot tubs come efficient and effective filter systems, water care is a necessity in all hot tubs, there are several options such as either chlorine or bromine or our Eco Friendly options such as our bio degradable range, so do your home work on which is best for yourselves.

Chlorine and Bromine are still the most widely used option, but more and more customers are now switching to our Bio Degradable range as its not only more gentle on your body and Tub, its also Eco Friendly which will help reduce our Carbon foot print.

Choose The Right Chemicals
Make Sure The Hot Tub Can Get Into Your Location

7. Make Sure The Hot Tub Can Get Into Your Location

Hot tubs are very large and heavy items so please make sure there is access to your garden or building for the hot tub to be delivered.

To make a successful delivery we need clear access from unloading to placement point.

We co-operate allot on this aspect as it can be confusing so if in doubt you can send images to or call us with your questions.

If your access is tight and you feel you need a lift via a crane or hiab, please let us know if you need help to arrange this as we have used cranes and hiabs many times, send your post code and house number to


8. Make Sure You Choose The Right Hot Tub To Suit Your Circumstances

a, size – Ensure the model chosen is the right size for the users & location.

b, seats – Considering the users , choose the seats you require.

c, loungers – These are a great option so consider if you like a lounger or 2 with your spa, we have options of both 1 lounger and 2 lounger models.

d, hydrotherapy jets – Our hot tubs have a jets per HP ratio of 9 or below , be careful of hot tubs with masses of jets and little HP to support them.

e, media –  All our designs come equipped with bluetooth media as standard for added luxury.

f, colour  -  Choose a colour from our stock selection or the design your own page where we will build hot tub exact to your requirements.

Choose The Right Hot Tub
Drain & Power Points

9. Drain & Power Points

 Hot tubs need a power cable as the only exterior component to start the hot tub running.

The power point and drain point are clearly marked on the PDF download brochure for each model.

Each design has its own brochure & the brochures can be found on each product page.

Its is vital you know the drain and power point for your work with electrical cables and positioning.


10. …. And Finally …..

Make sure you clean the hot tub every 3 months and look after the running of your new spa, Our Hot Tubs are the height of luxury which will give you countless hours of entertainment and relaxation.

Also check the water levels constantly and also check and clean the filters fortnightly.

Make sure those who use the hot tub are clean & wearing no extreme cases of moisturizers, perfumes, detergant (on swimwear) & strictly no fake tan!

There is not a doubt these hot tubs will look after you but to maintain the status quo, please look after your hot tub!


And Finally

Need some help and advice? Call 0808 22 55 277 now to speak to our team



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