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Hot Tub Q&A

We are keen to hear any questions or queries you have and we will always do our best to answer them as quickly as possible.

Q :- I have an enquiry, when is a good time to call?

A :- We take enquiries 7 days per week, even after hours you can leave a message & you will be contacted as soon as we possibly can.

Q :- Looking for a reliable hot tub is like a minefield, what are the points to look to find the right supplier?

A :- Just like any product research, look for as much trust as possible in the supplier such as good reviews for product and service. Also we have been in the industry for nearly 2 decades so we like to think we have gained some product knowledge which is inpuuted into the products that we sell.

Q :- Everyone promises good after sales service, why are you different ?

A :-  The diffrence between us and other sellers, is that as a company we specialise in after sales and servicing of Hot Tubs and sell them as a secondry service which is the opsisite to our competitors. We are also out on the road every day of the week repairing and servicing Hot Tubs as its the core part of our buisness so you wont have to wait for a sales man to turn up on his way past, you can be assured it will be a trained Hot Tub engineer who arrives to sort out any problems you may encounter.

Q :- We hear stories of hot tub dealers with no spare parts in case anything goes wrong, is this true ?

A :- No – We have many suppliers of parts for any Hot Tub and carry a large range of parts on our vans so you can be rest assured we can deal with any problem that is put in front of us.

We also use parts from Balboa which is a worldwide repsected brand.

Q : - How many inches in a foot ?

A :- 1 foot = 12 inches = 30.48cm   

       1 inch = 2.54cm

We have numerous conversations on garden and doorway and gateway sizes, so these measurements and data is really important for when we discuss your delivery requirements.

Q :- Does the hot tub arrive ready assembled ?

A :- Yes - only the steps and cover lifter are not assembled. 

Q :- After my hot tub is delivered what else do I need to arrange before we can start to use it ?

A :- After the hot tub is delivered and rightfully placed, all that is required is the electrical supply, chemicals (either chorine or bromine). Please make sure you use a qualified electrician for all electrical work.

Q : - What is the difference between chlorine & bromine ?

A :-  To decide which is the best chemical to use for the hot tub read our section on bromine or chlorine ?

Q :-  I'm not sure if my garden / home has the right access to get a hot tub in , how can i be sure ?

A :- If you have any doubts on the access for delivery of a hot tub, please call us on 0808 22 55 277 and even better email us images of the dilemmas to Our team has seen most scenarios for placements so we can give the right advice.

Q :- Can you give us some maintenance tips for the up keep of the hot tub ?

A :- Yes of course, please refer to our Spa & Chemical Guidlines for plenty of tips and advice.


Q :- Do you still have a question remaining unanswered ?

A :- Please email or call us on 0808 22 55 277 for more help & advice 


Need some help and advice? Call 0808 22 55 277 now to speak to our team



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