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Custom Hot Tub Cover



Custom Covers

Our custom covers are made to the highest specifications in the industry. We are passionate that the materials that are used are the best available and the manufacturing process is followed to ensure the highest quality for the completed spa cover.

We ensure we use a manafacturer that will not skimp on material quality or cut corners in the manufacturing process to produce a cheaper low quality product like some suppliers do.

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Materials used.

There are many ‘grades’ of vinyl available today, not many are designed for outdoor use. Cutting back on the cost of the vinyl is a huge mistake so our vinyl is treated with mildew and UV inhibitors for overall longevity and year round beauty. We have not gone to the less expensive materials without plasticizers.

Our material still has the flexibility to stretch with the core rather than failing at points of stress where the less expensive vinyl cannot compete. Our vinyl has a negative 20 degree cold crack rating and is tested to 1500UV hours.

A ‘C’ channel provides strong support across the centre of the hot tub cover. This non-corrosive steel channel strengthens the centre of the cover giving extra support in areas that experience extreme weather.


Delivery Times

We quote, and achieve, a general delivery time of 3-4 weeks for standard shaped covers. If there are any instances when we require additional approval for design drawings etc we will advise you when we receive the order, this will normally incur a delay in production as the vinyl will not follow the usual route through the factory.
The vinyls are imported from the US and sometimes this incurs delays that are outside our control, we make every effort to reduce any delays.

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