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Custom Lids

All custom spa lids are tailor made to fit your spa. We have the perfect thermal insulating cover which fits the safety standards and is most efficient in keeping the heat of your spa, saving your electricity bills in the long run. All spa covers have the standard features of handles, making the cover accessible and easy to use, a locking safety strap, ensuring your lid will not go anywhere without you knowing, as well as being steel reinforced, to strengthen the lid. In terms of how the cover encloses the heat, its with the help of its heat seal gasket, tailored skirt and hinge design, all of which participates in the efficiency of the lid.



A lifter to a lid is like a service to a hot tub, a necessity. We as a business, dealing with spas on a daily basis, see a major difference in lid quality and longevity when a lid does or doesn’t have a lifter. Lids are what keep the heat of your spa, lowering your electrical costs in the long run and what keep the aesthetic of the tub, when not in use, at a high quality. Which is why looking after your lid is as important as looking after your spa. A lifter is what makes doing this as easy as ever, keeping your lid in good condition with minimal effort. Each lifter has their different purposes, matching different specifications, pairing up with different spas. Here is a list below of the different lifters that are available, all of with are on our sister parts site parts4spas.

Top Mounted Cover Lifter


Bottom Mounted Cover Lifter


Hydraulic Lifter


Cover Roller


Vacuseal lid and lift spa cover


Optional Mounting Plates

(For Bottom Mounted Cover Lifters)


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