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Complete Spa Services - Service and Repair Warranty

Labour Warranty

All of our Call Out and Service Labour comes with a 30 day Labour Warranty, which means if anything happens with the repair or equipment that is fitted within the following 30 day period, there will be no call out fee or labour to pay on our return. We must receive notification within the 30 day period but cannot garrentee we will be able to attend within the 30 day period.

Parts Warranty

All parts fitted on a Repair Call Out or Service, carry a 12 month Manafacturers Warranty. This means that the parts are warranted by the manafacturer of the parts and NOT Complete Spa Services. We will of course endevour to work with you in the event of a part failure and offer help and support to resolve any issues that may occur.

Complete Spa Services - Hot Tub Warranty

Our range of prestige hot tubs are designed and built to last for many years, but as with all products there can be a need for a warenty so here is how ours works.

Each Hot Tub includes the following standard warranty.

  • 5 Years Warranty On Construction
  • 5 Years Warranty On The Shell Surface
  • 2 Year Warranty On Electrical & Plumbing
  • 1 Year Warranty On Head Rest, Spa Covers & Steps
  • 1 Year Warranty On Sundry Hot Tub Components

5 Years Warranty On Construction

Complete Spa Services warrant the construction of the hot tub for 5 years; our frames are made from stainless steel to maintain hot tub strength and shape. Our synthetic skirts / borders are heavily insulated and also covered by the warranty.

5 Years Warranty On The Shell Surface

Complete Spa Services warrant the shell surface against water loss of the hot tub caused by defects in material, including cracks, blisters and peeling for a period of 5 years.

2 Years Parts Warranty On Electrical & Plumbing*

Complete Spa Services warrant all the major spa components such as the electrical and plumbing areas for a total of 2 years with the first 12 months also including labour.

12 Months Parts & Labour Warranty On Head Rest, Spa Covers & Steps

Complete Spa Services warrant the spa cover and headrest and steps to be free of defects at the time of delivery.

12 Months Parts & Labour Warranty On Sundry Hot Tub Components

Complete Spa Services warrant all other spa components such as Jets, LED lights, fuses, control panel, audio player and speakers for a total of 12 months after purchase of the hot tub .

Conditions Of Warranty

All warranties apply to the original purchaser only and cannot be transfered. 

This warranty does not include costs incurred by the use of a non authorised engineer by Complete Spa Services.

All problems must be reported to Complete Spa Services by email with model number, date of purchase and images or a video of the problem so we can diagnose the problem and troubleshoot the problem quickly.

send emails to

Complete Spa Services will arrange an engineer to visit your property as soon as a fault is diagnosed but cannot guarantee the time scale of the visit due to different customer locations.

If we make a call out and the engineer feels the call out is unwarranted, then the charge will be relayed back to the customer for the engineer’s time and fees.

All repair work will be carried out to the hot tub with easy access to the 4 sides of the hot tub, we expect all hot tubs to be ready for repair in this condtion.

If the hot tub is underground or against a wall or fence or other obstructing object, please ensure the hot tub is ready to be seen and inspected.

It is the responsibility of the customer to prepare the hot tub for the engineer with the maintenance area within easy access.

Warranty Exclusions

 All warranties are void if the spa has been subject to chemical misuse and imbalances.

Alterations or modifications not authorised by Complete Spa Services.

Attempts to repair the spa non authorised by Complete Spa Services

Incorrect use of the hot tub.

Faults caused by incorrect electrical installation

Faults caused by running the spa dry

Faults caused by filling the spa incorrectly

Faults cause by ice in the spa

Faults caused by incorrect winter preparation

No part of the hot tub is warranted against chemical damage; this includes but is not limited to deposits of lime scale on the spa shell or spa components. Correct chemical treatment is the responsibility of the customer.

Spa covers are not warranted against chemical burns and damaged caused by misuse.

The spa shell and components are not covered against any defects incurred if the customer does not use the spa cover while the spa is not in use.

This warranty does not cover damage caused from the use of unauthorised chemicals.

The headrests and pillows must be removed when the spa is not in use; any damage caused to the pillows and headrests through misuse is not covered by warranty.

This warranty does not cover any damage caused by improper and misbehaviour in the hot tub.

*2 year warranty on electrical and plumbing only applies for purchases made after January 2016.

Purchases before January 2016 are covered by 12 month warranty for electrical and plumbing.

For those with extended warrantys, this warranty shall be void if the spa is not serviced once a year by a recognised spa service company.

For more details and if you have any questions, please do not hesiate to call on 0808 22 55 277 or email


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